Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mom's pants

You'd think that I'd have remembered from back when I was a teen, but no such luck. Yesterday my second son (14) wore a pair of his mother's pants. Not the first pair I gave him, mind you. I told him the first pair actually was his mother's pants, so of course he refused to wear them. I gave him another pair (only things clean) and told him they were his brother's, that was OK. Back when I was that age, it never would have been acceptable for me to wear Mom's pants, but you forget these things sometimes.

Of course, his older brother (15) has had occasion to wear Mom's pants from time to time too. He doesn't mind. Sometimes you keep busy reminding yourself of all the these he does mind, of the things he needs to keep his life in balance, you don't notice the things he accepts with a peep that would annoy any other youth. Amid keeping a ready supply of eggs and toast, making sure the french toast is not late, etc., you don't even realize that he doesn't care if he's wearing Mom's pants to school.

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