Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beat the Nuggets!

I really dislike the Nuggets (Denver, not chicken). I haven't liked Carmelo Anthony ever since he whined about Kirilenko being inthe All-Star game. I'm not fond of George Karl. I have respect for Iverson as a player, but on a personal level he represents so many things about professional athletes that show they often simply don't appreciate how lucky tehy are or the responsibilities that should go with that much acclaim. I never liked Camby either, and Martin always seemed like a bully (although if the Jazz had signed him, he would have been *our* bully). I don't know the Jazz will, or even can, win in Denver tonight, but this is one game I would really like for them to win.

Edit to add: oops, tomorrow night. :(


iron mike tyson said...

I was pizzed at that too - C.Anthony whining about Kirilenko. Kirilenko has played some amazing games... certainly deserved the offer.

One Brow said...

I try to remember that he was really still a kid, but still, I don't remeber anyone treating me well when I acted like a jerk when I was young.

I wasn't surprised at the loss last night, we are just not the same team on the road. Disappointed, though.

Anonymous said...

Talkin bout da Jazz, and all, ya finally gotz my sorry ass throwwed plumb da fuck offa Jazzfanz, eh, Eric?

Ya happy now, ya baztid, ya?