Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"I thought she was going to stab me"

There was a disagreement at our worksite at the end of the day. People my company hired to clean up some leaves were blowing onto a smallish vacant lot across the street, and the people next to the lot were highly annoyed.

The neighbors were dressed in worked clothes; perfectly normal people who were angry. However, they were black. Therefore, the white workers were apparently scared the whole time. One of them told me afterward that when the first neighbor left her house, "I thought she was going to stab me".

I'm sure the worker doesn't believe he is racist. He just thinks every angry black person is likely to stab him.


Anonymous said...

More of that to come!

It seems as though people are more open about expressing what they have kept inside for such a long time. They feel safe and comfortable in doing it based on our current Out of the Closet, Openly Racist, cultural climate.
Not only did he prejudge the angry neighbor, he prejudged you in thinking it would be okay to say that to you. Would he have felt comfortable saying the same thing to you if you were Black?

Anonymous said...

" Would he have felt comfortable saying the same thing to you if you were Black?" - - what's funny is that the answer could very well be YES. I think when we work/live with someone of a different race after a time we start to see them more as "like us" than "like them" --- moe from jf