Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'll be wearing black

My employers (both the day and the teaching job) are commemorating the Twin Towers Tragedy tomorrow by encouraging people to wear red, white and blue. I'll be wearing black. I don't judge anyone else for the colors they choose to wear. However, for me wearing the flag colors is for celebrating. It's for days like Flag Day or Independence Day. I don't see anything celebratory for the Twin Towers Tragedy. I mourn for the victims, respect the heroes (such as the first-responders), and denigrate the attackers. I don't associate respect or denigration with any particular color, but black is the color of mourning for me, and thus it will be the color I wear.

If politicians really want to commemorate the occasion, do it by covering the costs of cancer among the first responders. Maybe we can't show any individual cancer is connected to the response effort, but we know they are, as a group, victims to an elevated rate of cancer to a degree that is statistically significant. The worst that happens is we spend a little extra money treating cancer in heroes when they did not receive that cancer directly linked to that particular day of heroism. I can't affect the passage of those laws, but I can and will wear black for those heroes, as well.


Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

I agree with you. I may have asked or seen you explain it before, but why "one brow"?

I'm interested in our little logic-rationality tendril at FCA. Realizing that, and how, rationality is "broader" than logic was a major turning point in my philosophical, and indeed my spiritual path.

Thanks for being a regular at FCA, and civil.

One Brow said...

It was my college nickname, for the obvious physical trait. I adopted it for any number of occasions, so I think of it as my nickname.

I am enjoying our conversation, as well.

I fully believe in adopting the tone of a blog when I post comments there. The civil tone I use on your blog is entirely a response to the civility and fairness you exhibit in your posting, and I am happy to conform. Some other blogs are authored in a more confrontational tone, I adapt to that, as well.

Codgitator (Cadgertator) said...

So, "one brow" it is. No wonder you were a maths man, right?

I'm truly surprised and heartened to hear you feel my blog is a place for civil and deep discussion. I'm kind of swamped by work and some family drama, so my posts and comments are (typically?) slow.

One Brow said...

Quality over quantity. The three posts I've made this month are already my high for the year, and I frankly admit their quality does not compare to yours.

Anonymous said...

You're such a libtard.


One Brow said...

Thanks for the drive-by, Sloanfeld. That may be the deepest, most thought post I have ever seen you make.