Friday, November 6, 2009

The 123rd Skeptics' Circle

Colin channels Galileo in the 123rd edition of the Skeptics' Circle at Blue Genes, with a list of links that is simply huge. Highly recommended.


aintnuthin said...

Vinny to CJ at Jazzfanz: " It still amazes me you love sticking around a place that has so many people that hate you."

I wonder if he amazes himself, eh?

One Brow said...

Humans generally tend to blind themselves that way.

aintnuthin said...

Heh, Blood at Jazzfanz, talkin about Write: "Wait. You're asking the same guy who is convinced that One Brow, aintnuthin, and NUTJOB_2814 are the same guy to think rationally."

Vinny in response to Blood: "In all due respect, the similarities between OB and Taint are striking. Im pretty sure they were the same person."

aintnuthin said...

I spect this here goes a long way toward explainin the whole thang, eh?: Write: "One thing I can tell you that Viny and I have in common, we're both about the size of Dudley Moore."

One Brow said...

They're both pretty odd, in their own ways.

aintnuthin said...

Vinny at Jazzfanz: "Do you have a *beep* problem with me?"

I done been banned, yet again, from that joint, but at least I got a different reason this time.

Hey, Eric, if ya feel like it sometime, let Vinny know that I don't have a problem with him, ya know?

The way I see it there is a problem with him, but it's not sumthin I have.

Also, just so you know:

1. by AintNoThang on Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:46 pm: "OK, Vinny, Imma tellya, so don't never go round sayin I never done nuthin for ya, kay?" VINYLONE on Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:51 pm; "One Brow?"

3. by AintNoThang on Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:53 pm: "How did you know? Have you been hackin into the Jazzfanz data-base, or sumthin?"

aintnuthin said...

As you can see, I am turning your recurring "skeptics circle" announcements into my own (well, our) little Jazzfanz board, eh, Eric?:

Re: The last two games...
by write4u on Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:11 am

"I think Deron needs to manage the offense more like Maynor. Try to create for other people, and NOT HIMSELF, as he has been doing."
Maynor has done a great job filling in for Williams, especially for a rookie. But it seems he's doin just that--fillin in, and doin what Deron would do, more or less.

In the Cleveland game (great game for Maynor) nobody, and I do mean NOBODY, on the team took more shots than Maynor (16). About what Deron would do, although probably with more assists (Maynor had only 4, with 3 turnovers).

Of course such facts never even occur to the likes of Write, and wouldn't alter his claims in the least if they did.

That's why I kinda miss good ole Jazzfanz, ya know?

One Brow said...

I don't mind if other posters have fun at write4u's/VINYLONE's expense for saying we are the same person, though I need to stay out of that.

If you really miss JazzFanz, you know who to talk to. I will tell you this: at least one moderator has said that if a worthless poster like Troutbum is allowed back, you should be too. No not me, because while I support your return, TroutBum doesn't particularly annoy me. :)

Of course, other moderators oppose the idea. At any rate, none of us have a real say in it.