Saturday, June 13, 2009

Easier means harder, at least this time

I teach math at a local community college, as an adjunct. This past school year that mean 13 credit hours each fall and spring, and now 7 this summer. One of the courses is the Liberal Arts math class. I have taught this quite a few times, and really enjoy it. The other course is the one I am struggling with.

I received a Review of Arithmetic course (the high-school equivalent of pre-algebra). Honestly, I had been avoiding this course, but it was all they had left. I feel completely inadequate to teach it. 15-20 years ago, I really struggled to relate to students at this level, and usually came across as condescending and smug (although I never felt that way). This go-round, I've actually been working my way "down" the ladder (College Algebra, than Intermediate Algebra, then Geometry, and Introductory Algebra last summer).

I have never felt so intimidated about teaching a class, though. This summer will tell me a lot about myself, one way or another. Here's to learning, teaching,and learning by teaching!


Anonymous said...

I figure a 2" x 4" should oughta learn them sorry bastids right good, eh, Eric? Just sayin....

Anonymous said...

Another suggestion, eh, Eric. Ya don't wanna run rounds hurtin peoples feelins, er nuthin, so ya should oughta remind these chumps everyday of a little slice of wisdom I done got from my Mama a good long time back. She usta always tell me: "aint-boy, just cuz yo mo stoopid than a boxxa rocks don't mean yo a piece of shit, see? Course, it don't mean ya aint, neither, but, still...."

Always made me feel mo betta, ya know?