Sunday, May 17, 2009

The responsible one

Son#1 (freshly 17) is 16 months older than Son#2 (15). Normally, with Son#1 being PDD-NOS, you would think this would make Son#2 the better choice for babysitting.

However, Son#1 takes his responsibilities very seriously. When Charity and I are home, h3e gets very sensitive to noise, overreacts to kids complaining, adn the like. However, when we go out for dinner, the rest fo the clan says he stays calm. I dont know how much of this is Son#1 rising to the challenge and how much is the kids changing their behavior when he's in charge. It's getting to the point where we are felling comfortable with Son#2 getting a summer job while Son#1 watched the kids on his own. I never thought I'd see the day,

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