Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A man who eats dog dung

It's probably bad form to pick on a person like Ilion, but sometimes a nut just seems to ask to be cracked.

In a discussion on whether or not it would be good for the anti-abortion and pro-choice forces to combine efforts on reducing the need for abortions, Ilion compares this type of compromise to putting dog dung into ice cream and serving. No, I'm not kidding. Then, as mere days later, he offers up this gem on the nature of government.

Victor, that some level of governmnet is necessary does not at all mitigate the fact that government is an evil; nore does it even begin to mitigate the fact that government's sole method of funding itself is indistinguishable from a Mafia protection racket -- "Give us your money and do what we tell you to do or we'll kill you."

I guess we should all be grateful to Ilion for eating his daily dose of feces.

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