Sunday, March 15, 2009

It turns out homeopathy works, after all

I can't stomach coffee, literally. So, I drink a lot of iced tea. Rather than use an instant, I boil water, brew the tea and ice it. It was in the process of doing this I discovered that water really does have a memory.

At work, I use the company microwave to heat my tea. A pint of water fresh from the tap takes about 4 minutes to boil in it (I make quart of iced tea at a time). Because I don't like standing around doing nothing, I usually go back to my desk while it boils. However, sometimes I get distracted at my desk, and don't get back in time to brew the tea. I have noticed something amazing: it takes less time to boil the water a second time. The water obviously remembers being boiled, an so will boil again in 1 to one-and-one-half minutes.

So far, I have not experimented with different aids to test the length of this memory. Will certain cups aid it? Does water remember being boiled better when the water is uncovered or covered? How about when encased in a gelatin pill? I have some hunches, but not enough time to perform some standardized tests at work. I leave it to all the scientists who work with homeopathic remedies to investigate this further.


marty said...

I think (although I would have to look for sources to prove it) that previously boiled water boils faster because either a) its still warmer than from the tap or b) boiling reduces dissolved air from the "fresh" water, and the dissolved air somehow effects the rate water heats up.

One Brow said...


I would like to thank you for posting, but since you are obvious a pharma shill bent on disproving the scientific awesomeness of homeopathy,I just can't.

Of course the water remembers being hot. Just look at the scientific studies that provwe homeopathy works.