Sunday, October 12, 2008

Someone to have a beer with?

When we pick a leader of the most powerful country in the world, why is this a factor? Can you imagine picking a computer technician on that basis?

This year it's Sarah Palin (or if not a beer, at least the CILF). While not even her folksy charm is enough to rescue Republicans after the disaster of the last eight years, the need for a President who is likeable, as opposed to intelligent and capable, still dismays me.


aintnuthin said...

Well, Eric, ya know, like, who would wanna vote for sumbuddy they wouldn't even have a beer with? Purty simple, actually, aint it?

btw, what's CLIF? Clit in little finger? I could go for that, too!

One Brow said...

Nice to see you again, aintnuthin.

Personal charisma is good for a President to have, but I would still vote for someone I did not like. For example, I would probably rather have a drink with Dole and/or George H. W. Bush, than Clinton, but Clinton was still my preference for President.

CILF -- Candidate I'd Like (to) Fornicate (with).